Security gap will be always there which can be exploited, and using different techniques cyber attackers can defiantly misuse the gaps available. At AMYNASEC LABS , we fight against non-ethical and evil by bringing our expert associates together working on threat intelligence and innovative technology.

As an associate of AMYNASEC LABS, you'll relentlessly protect our customers from the Influence and repercussion of cyber attacks.

Are you ready to join us?

AMYNASEC LABS seeks smart, motivated and passionate people to join us in shaping India’s cybersecurity future! We are looking for young interns as well as full-time employees to join our team.

Today and in the years to come we look for ICS experts across industries who are committed to growing global expertise in the space by training the next wave of future innovators.

“We always welcome fresh talent to achieve personal and professional growth. Also, we look forward to work with professionals to deliver excellence.”