Pilot Security

Intelligent security for the Internet-of-Things

Internet-of-things (IoT) grows in impact, but current methods to secure these devices are complex and ineffective.

Manufacturers, purchasers, and users need verifiable ways to trust devices’ security. Pilot Security navigates cybersecurity vulnerabilities throughout development and deployment so you can focus on scaling your business with less risk.

Device security needs a revolution to stop vulnerabilities

Manufacturers, service providers, and enterprises of all shapes and sizes struggle to secure themselves against threats from the proliferation of internet-connected devices.

There is significant room for improvement in today’s methods which are slow, costly, and ineffective.

  • Slow: Enterprises spent too much time trying to understand and improve security
  • Costly: Millions are spent on specialized talent and and tools
  • Ineffective: Efforts to secure devices and systems often fail, leading to risk and breaches

Vulnerabilities plague organizations of all types, resulting in monetary loss and negative publicity.

  • IoT Adoption Slowed by Concerns Over Security
    - Wall Street Journal August 2018
  • The attack of the killer fridges has begun
    - Reuters December 2018
  • Mirai botnet adds three new attacks to target IoT devices
    - ZDNet May 2018
  • IoT And Edge Computing: The Wild West Of Cybersecurity
    - Forbes November 2018

Adding intelligent automation to find and fix IoT security vulnerabilities allows organizations to secure their products and services.

Pilot Security analyzes a device’s firmware which contains all of the information on how it operates, from how it boots up to the methods it uses to establish network connectivity. We identify and help you navigate embedded security vulnerabilities so that you can fix them without disruption to your existing workflows.

Non-intrusive and low risk

Works on premise or in the cloud and integrates seamlessly into existing workflows.

Scalable security approach

Scales with your business needs and complexity to continue supporting all aspects of embedded security.

Vulnerabilities addressed

  • Bootloader security
  • Firmware encryption and privacy
  • Insecurity configurations
  • Authentication & authorization
  • Transport and network security
  • Web applications
  • Vulnerable libraries and executables

Easily Informative

Results and recommendations for security which are understandable by your existing team members.

Full Stack

Get security results on everything from bootloaders to hardcoded passwords to web applications.

Continous Improvement

Informed by the most up to date research & vulnerability databases, Pilot is always ahead of the pack.

The challenge is only getting tougher...

  • Regulations are starting to emerge
  • No room for complacency as customer expectations are rising


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