Our Trainings & Workshops

Delivered Workshop on “ GnuRadio101” at x33fcon 2019 Poland

Delivered workshop on “Guided Tour to IEEE 802.15.4 and BLE Exploitation” at Defcon USA 2018

Main Trainer for “Practical Industrial Control System hacking” Delivering – HIP 2018, X33fcon 2018,2019

Co-Trainer for “ Practical IOT hacking” with Aseem Jakhar – HITB 2017, HIP 2017,BalckHat Asia 2018, Nullcon 2017

Private clients- Australia, Netherland, London, Sweden, etc

ICS village speaker – Nullcon 2017, c0c0n X 2017, BsidesDelhi 2017, Defcamp 2017

New generation malware and attacks have been targeting ICS and systems causing huge monetary and human life losses. Penetration testing on ICS systems is a very niche field which requires in-depth knowledge and has a huge dependency in terms of the Hardware availability. This contest/Context will concentrate on methodologies to conduct penetration testing of commercial Hardware devices such as PLCs as well as simulators.
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Speaker at Nullcon 2016 – “Hitchhiker's guide to hacking Industrial Control systems (ICS)”

Todays new gen attacks and malwares have been targeting ICS systems causing huge monetary and Human life losses. The White Security community lacks knowledge and resources to cope up these modern day attacks. This talk will concentrate on bridging this gap and enabling White Hat security community mitigates some these common attacks.

Hacking Industrial Control systems (ICS) is very niche field which is not just requires in-depth knowledge but also there is huge dependencies in terms of the Hardware. Due to this there is huge gap between security enthusiasts and accessibility to this technology. In this talk i will be releasing a TEST BED which is an emulation of an ICS system. I will also be guiding people How to begin/approach pen-testing of an ICS system.
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