Automotive Security Assessment

Automotive Security Assessment

Every day in our life transportation have become most indeed to travel from one place to another whether it long or short distance, have we ever thought of security risk behind those vehicles.

Have you ever thought in how much risk we are while travelling? As vehicle provides connectivity, these connectives have a lot of benefits but associated risk as well.


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  • ECU Gap analysis
  • Preparation of TARA (Threat analysis and risk assessment)
  • Support in establishing Cyber security process (i.e. Following J3061 Guidelines)
  • Creating Cyber security plan
  • Support in Cyber security development (System, HW and Software)
  • Support in implementing AUTOSAR specific security concept
  • Perform vulnerability analysis (System, SW and HW)
  • Perform source code reviews and Penetration Testing
  • Perform Cyber security functional test
  • Perform Fault injection, side channel attacks
  • Cyber security Trainings
  • Support for establishing ISO 26262 process
  • Safety Analysis FMEA, FTA and FMEDA
  • Technical Safety Concept, consultation in SW&HW Safety
  • Safety planning
  • Creation of Safety Case
  • Functional Safety Audits, confirmation and Assessments
  • Functional Safety Trainings